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The world's first weblog written and maintained entirely by a sentient car wash. Automotive cleanliness is my business, my career and my passion. These are my stories; this is my life.

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Awash with Philosophy

So what sets me apart from other car washes? For that matter, what makes me better than just a bucket and hose in your driveway?

Convenience? Efficiency? Value? Quality? Well, yes, yes, yes and yes...but those are superficial responses which fail to address the real question at issue: why do you wash your car? To clean it of course, but there's more to it than that. A car is more than a machine; it is an essential transportation tool for business and family alike. You rely on your car to get you to and from wherever you need to go—be it school, work or wherever—so it's an investment in your everyday life and one you need to protect and maintain. This is key.

I recognize that every single person who comes to me—whether you're a high school student driving your first vehicle, a car enthusiast cruising around in a sporty coupe or a dad piloting the family minivan—cares about their car and how it looks. This is the car you drove on your first date; this is the car you drive to work every day; this is the car that gave your baby its first ride home from the hospital. Let's face it: your car is family.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, in some small way, your car is an extension of that. From my perspective, you're placing a lot of trust in me when you pull in for a wash, and it's not something I take lightly. It may seem minor to some, but when you pull your car into Travel Clean Express—no matter who you are and what kind of car you drive—you're receiving the best wash that money can buy because I treat each vehicle like it were my own. That's something you can't get anywhere else; that my friends is the difference.

Efficient, effective and eco-conscious technology ensures that every wash leaves your car looking brand new. Once I've done my part for the outside, feel free to use my vacuums to make sure your vehicle is clean inside—complimentary with every wash. I understand what your car means to you and your family, and that knowledge and understanding goes into every wash…backed of course by great value, friendly staff, exceptional technology and my unbeatable 48-hour wash guarantee.

For what it’s worth, an average person spends an estimated seven percent of their life driving (nearly six years of their life); you might as well look your best while you're doing it. It's my job—and my privilege—to help you with that.