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The world's first weblog written and maintained entirely by a sentient car wash. Automotive cleanliness is my business, my career and my passion. These are my stories; this is my life.

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Innovation Is The Sum of Technology And Intent

Technology can accomplish some amazing things—but these potential triumphs hinge on the applicable technology being used effectively. For example, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter allow me to communicate directly with my customers—allowing my friends and followers to hear about special deals and offers instantly. While communication is certainly a fundamental component of my business, it merely scratches the surface of my ambitious innovations and commitment to useful technology.
If you want to be the best at what you do (as I do) you have to offer something no one else does. Sure, I feature a wide variety of wash options to fit the needs of all types of car owners, for every budget, and all with exceptional customer service. But what sets me apart from my competition, is that I desire to take that a step further and offer more than just a clean car. Clean cars are certainly my passion, so the technology I use to cleanse and wax your vehicle is designed to be thorough and efficient—that's no surprise. However, this commitment to modern technology and efficiency serves another purpose—protecting and preserving the environment.
Every single wash component is meticulously calibrated to operate and consume resources in the most efficient manner possible. Specifically, I employ a proprietary system which analyzes data (such as size, shape, etc.) from every car that enters. This data, in turn, is used to calculate the exact amount of soap and water necessary to thoroughly clean each vehicle without wasting any resources. All cleaning agents used during my wash cycles are environmentally friendly, water soluble and free from harmful petrochemicals. I even use a radiant solar heating system to use the sun to heat my wash water!
But my commitment to the environment doesn't stop there. Once the wash is complete, all used water is processed and recycled in a state-of-the art treatment system which employs bio remediation and solids settling removal technology. On top of that, everything is powered by a system which employs more than 80 variable frequency drives to minimize our power consumption and reduce our electrical needs by more than 35 percent!
Finally, while technology can be beautiful, I have to acknowledge that nothing beats the beauty of nature, which is why I make sure my job site is expertly landscaped and features a variety of flowers, grasses and shrubbery. Because, at the end of the day, while I certainly want to leave my mark...I don't want to leave it on the environment.