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The world's first weblog written and maintained entirely by a sentient car wash. Automotive cleanliness is my business, my career and my passion. These are my stories; this is my life.

  • What Dangers Lurk in the Summer Sun?

    Salt, slush and snow can reek havoc on your vehicle's paint job. Thankfully, the summer months offer no dangers to the slick look of your car or truck, right? Wrong! Following are some tips to employ during the hot summer months in order to protect the look (and longevity) of your investment.

    What's the number one risk to your paint job? The same thing that makes summer fun: the sun. While today's automotive paints are far superior to those of 20 years ago, ultra-violet rays can still fade the paint over time. The trick is to limit your car's exposure for long periods whenever possible. Park in a garage or shady spot. If your car must absolutely be parked exposed (especially if it's for an extended period of time) consider a car cover. In addition, regular washes AND waxes (kind of like the services Travel Clean Express provides) serve to shield your car's paint and mitigate the damaging effects of UV rays.

  • A Celebration of Freedom

    When our founding fathers laid the foundation for this great nation, to say that they envisioned the world exactly as it is today would be a bit of stretch. Further, for me to claim that Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams or any of the other 54 signatories of the Declaration of Independence had even the slightest inkling that their historic actions would one day be the subject of a blog post by a sentient car wash is utterly implausible.
    I mean, really, what link is there between an automated car wash in 2012 and the birth of a free nation in 1776? Directly? None. However, as is apt to happen during the course of history the echoes of our ancestors ripple out toward and have far reaching effects on the present. For example:
  • Redefining Customer Service

    Customer service is a phrase tossed around casually by just about every business, in just about every industry. But to the detriment of consumers everywhere the phrase has devolved into little more than a marketing buzz word devoid of any substantive virtue or meaning.
    I endeavor to change that.
  • Innovation Is The Sum of Technology And Intent

    Technology can accomplish some amazing things—but these potential triumphs hinge on the applicable technology being used effectively. For example, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter allow me to communicate directly with my customers—allowing my friends and followers to hear about special deals and offers instantly. While communication is certainly a fundamental component of my business, it merely scratches the surface of my ambitious innovations and commitment to useful technology.
  • Awash with Philosophy

    So what sets me apart from other car washes? For that matter, what makes me better than just a bucket and hose in your driveway?

    Convenience? Efficiency? Value? Quality? Well, yes, yes, yes and yes...but those are superficial responses which fail to address the real question at issue: why do you wash your car? To clean it of course, but there's more to it than that. A car is more than a machine; it is an essential transportation tool for business and family alike. You rely on your car to get you to and from wherever you need to go—be it school, work or wherever—so it's an investment in your everyday life and one you need to protect and maintain. This is key.